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Graphic novel production isn't cheap. Without the support from generous backers, none of this is possible. Infinitale Chronicles relies on crowdfunding (via Indiegogo) to be created. Help make the next book become a reality by backing our latest crowdfunding campaign.

After a campaign is successfully funded and is closed, retail editions of the book(s) are made available on Amazon.

The campaign for Book 2 will be announced soon! We are holding back from launching this campaign until the book is complete. This is because we want to get books into readers' hands as quickly as possible after the campaign concludes.

Book 2 Campaign Coming Soon!

Production Progress

Book 2's Page Completion Progress

Three Steps of Crowdfunding

  • Step 1. Mailing List

    Before a crowdfunding campaign is launched, a mailing list sign-up is started to ensure that early backers & returning fans receive special bonus links to "Secret Perks."

    It is also a means for us to both gauge interest and generate hype for the upcoming campaign.

  • Step 2. Launch The Campaign

    When there is a substantial amount of the book complete (or if it is entirely completed), the crowdfunding campaign is launched! This usually entails a "Launch Party" stream on YouTube.

  • Step 3. Retail Edition

    If the crowdfunding campaign is successfully funded, a retail edition of the book is made available on This version does not include any of the additional perks found during the campaign (standees, trading cards, figurines, posters, variant covers, etc.).

    If the campaign fails to get funded, there will be no retail edition made available.

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Our Principles

Core Values & Mission Statement

Respect The Customer

A lot of large businesses have adopted a hostile antagonism toward the people paying their bills. That isn't sustainable. Customers pay for a high quality product - not sermons or insults.


Once money is exchanged, it is the responsibility of the creator to provide their product to the customer with the same quality advertised and in a timely manner. Post sale alterations or making someone wait a year (or more!) for a product they paid for aren't conducive to repeat business.

Positive Reinforcement

Being cutthroat and adopting an "everyone for themselves" mentality may yield great short-term gains.... but fellow creators won't forget that if / when you find yourself in need of their help. A rising tide lifts all ships.