Production Progress Report – Book 2

As progress on the next installment of Infinitale Chronicles continues, I find myself concerned that all of this behind the scenes work may have kept us too quiet. Have you backed Book 1 and are curious about what’s coming from book 2? Check out our FREE 15-page preview.

Production has been underway for over a year now and we’re continuing to add pages to this much larger offering. There are also two separate teams working on two separate books for this next crowdfunding campaign.

Team A, consisting of Antonio Brandao (layout/inks), Alzir Alves (colours), and Zen (lettering), are producing one version of Book 2.
Team B, consisting of Eduardo Barbosa (layout/inks) and Mikaela Fusco (colours), are producing another version of Book 2.

That’s right: there are two books telling the same exact story from two separate art teams! Check out the image below for a peek at the process that shows us inks to print-ready lettered pages! Each art team is bringing their vision of this epic story to life!

A page from the upcoming Book 2: Seeds of Defiance from two separate teams/books: Team A (H.C.M.P.) and Team B (Barbusco Studios).

I have also continued production on the tabletop role-playing game on which Infinitale Chronicles is based. The Infinitale – Fantasy Role-Playing Game has been a passion project of mine for decades. It marries the fun pickup & play aspects of board game with the expansive customization and infinite possibilities of more complex tabletop role-playing game systems.

As part of the planned perks for Book 2’s crowdfunding campaign, interested backers will have access to NFC-enabled figurines that come complete with Character, Skill & Ability, and Equipment cards ready for play in the Infinitale – Fantasy Role-Playing Game system. These premade characters are all that’s needed to jump into the fray and battle other players.

Plastic snap-together/stackable terrain tiles (similar to games like HeroScape) will also available. Different terrain tiles offer different movement adjustments and challenges. Cards explaining these details are included with each terrain tile set.

Finally, I have had the pleasure of working with other amazingly talented artists who will be providing the character art for these cards and I’ll be sharing more information about them as we get closer to the crowdfunding campaign announcement.

I am very excited to present to you the next installment of Infinitale Chronicles and look forward to sharing more art and information as we near completion!