The Cast of Characters

Meet the colorful cast of heroes of The War of The trees. This ensemble cast shall change over the course of this multigenerational saga. Though some may perish in this cataclysmic war, others will take their place.

This page provides the opportunity to get to know these heroes through brief biographies that shall change throughout the saga.



Queen of Tir Y Goeden

First Appearance: Book 1: Second Genesis
Race: Aelvar

The Aelvar queen of the Tir Y Goeden sovereignty, and mother to the infant prince, Zevulaun, Aislinn is faced with a difficult decision. Her newborn son’s fate is cast and she must choose between a mother’s right and the gods’ might.

To make these already trying times worse, Aislinn’s dreams are plagued by dark visions from a strange being with unclear intentions.



Soldier of Tir Y Goeden

First Appearance: Book 1: Second Genesis
Race: Aelvar

An elite Aelvar soldier, Darwen is a childhood friend of Caolan. Though they are relatively new to the sovereignty of Tir Y Goeden, both have made this land their home. His unwavering loyalty to Caolan has led him to follow the Aelvar king -consort into a treacherous wilderness to discover a forbidden history, buried by the ages.

Despite evading the terrible fate that befell his comrades-in-arms, Darwen’s tale may still end in tragedy. His true role in this adventure has yet to play out.


Blue Wisp

A Dream or Delusion?

First Appearance: Book 1: Second Genesis
Race: Unknown

This strange wisp of blue, smoke-less fire first appeared to Aislinn in a fevered dream. It has guided her to recover an ancient book from the ruins of a long-destroyed city -- a forbidden place where no Aelvar dare tread.

Is this mysterious being benevolent, or does it have more nefarious goals in mind? Better yet - was this creature merely conjured from the delusions of a heartbroken mother? Only time will determine the Blue Wisp's true intentions and existence.



Faun Warrior

First Appearance: Book 1: Second Genesis
Race: Faun

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