Second Genesis

The seminal book in The War of the Trees saga, Second Genesis begins with a royal birth in the Aelvar sovereignty of Tir Y Goeden on the alien world of Esperia. These heavily controlled lands are presided over by oppressive and unforgiving gods. The royal birth had not gone as expected. Complications force the Aelvar queen into a fevered slumber — filled with strange dreams. As all sons are subject to a lottery for “The Harvest”, misfortune befalls the royal family and their newborn son is chosen to be among those “harvested” by the gods.


Second Genesis is Book 1 of a planned 10 book series. This 52-page, full-color book is standard American comic book sized (6.7″ x 10.45″) and is perfect-bound.

It is the 1.1 Edition: Minor art adjustments and a thank you page for crowdfunding backers have been added to the interior pages and this edition possesses new front & back covers.


Infinitale: Chronicles – Book 1 Preview

Variant Covers & Additional Perks

This book was originally crowdfunded via Indiegogo (November, 2021). It was released in both physical and digital formats. In addition to this, there were multiple, limited edition cover variants that are no longer available for purchase.

All books in The War of the Trees saga are initially presented as crowdfunding exclusives. Upon successful funding, the retail editions are made available on The goal is to provide a “White Glove” product for backers that have financially supported the development of the book. The subsequent retail editions are provided for customers afterward and do not come with any additional perks (crowdfunding perks pictured below).

Pictured: Variant Covers, Acrylic Standees, Two-Sided Posters, Trading Cards, & a Jumbo Holo-Foil Card.