Figurine – Blue Wisp “LED-Illuminated” (Paint Ready)

This 4″ scale gaming figurine is designed for the Infinitale: Fantasy Role-Playing Game system but would make a great addition to any fantasy fan’s collection.

The hexagonal base contains NFC functionality that links to character information and additional artwork (requires Internet connection).

Printed in composite resins, the boulder and base remain a neutral gray for painting while the Blue Wisp is composed of a semi-transparent blue resin. A special battery-powered LED is included and may be inserted into the base of the figurine — illuminating the Blue Wisp (batteries included).


As if from a dream, the Blue Wisp appears before you from atop a menhir, placed there ages ago. Swipe its base against the back of your NFC-compatible smartphone or tablet to unlock additional art and more Infinitale: Fantasy Role-Playing Game Information (requires Online access).

This limited edition figurine comes in two versions: Glow in The Dark and LED-Illuminated and is part of special perk bundle.