Figurine – Royal Hydra (Paint Ready)

This 4″ scale gaming figurine is designed for the Infinitale: Fantasy Role-Playing Game system but would make a great addition to any fantasy fan’s collection.

The hexagonal base contains NFC functionality that links to character information and additional artwork (requires Internet connection).

Printed in a high quality, neutral gray resin, this figurine is ready to be painted!

Royal Hydra belongs to The War of the Trees Monsters Set 01 figurines.

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The gigantic, seven-headed Royal Hydra stalks the ruins of long-destroyed cities as it seeks its next meal. Swipe its base against the back of your NFC-compatible smartphone or tablet to unlock additional art and its Infinitale: Fantasy Role-Playing Game Monster Sheet (requires Online access).

This figurine is larger than other figurines, encompassing 4 conjoined hexagonal bases.

Multiple Monster Ability Cards are included within this figurine.